The Cork Strength & Performance Centre was established in 2015 by Cork City Powerlifting Club Head Coach, Trevor Naughton and former Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Association President, Peter Lucey to provide a centre for powerlifters and strength athletes to excel through top class programming, coaching and also a wealth of in competition experience.

The gym provides a vast range of services from personal training sessions and fitness classes to nutrition programmes and injury rehabilitation. The centre differs to many commercial gyms as we put a big focus on each individual: what their goals are, their abilities and how we can improve each individuals strength and performance.

The gym is also available for independent personal trainers and coaches looking for a strength focused gym for their clients and general memberships.

“You cant climb the Ladder of Success with your hands in your pockets”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Get Strong

Individual Assessment

When you come for your first session with us, we will go through your own goals and devise a plan that’s suited to your exact needs. We don’t believe in shortcuts, fads, or ‘fit-all’ plans but programmes that are specific to your unique requirements. While our methods to achieve this may change depending on the person’s own needs, we combine a wealth of scientific backed knowledge with years of experience in getting results.

Nutrition Plans

To achieve optimal fitness and health we know that no plan can be achieved without optimum nutrition. We incorporate specific nutritional plans into all our personal training plans and also provide independent nutritional plans to our clients. The plans focus on creating good eating habits that can be incorporated into your lifestyle and promote long-term health and sustainable results.

Strength & Conditioning

Whether you define strength as getting better for your sport or getting in the shape you have always wanted, we will be able to help you get to where you want to be. At the Cork Strength & Performance Centre we believe results come from hard work, correct movement and consistency and we are committed to providing strength and conditioning support that works.

Cork Strength & Performance Centre

Cork Strength & Performance Centre


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I came to the Cork Strength and Performance Centre through the Cork City Powerlifting Club. I’ve found the club powerlifting sessions really helpful and inspiring. Having a great atmosphere around is excellent motivation for during tough training sessions. The gym has all the equipment I need for my training plan, and more. I love the camaraderie, everyone’s willing to help any way they can. I learned so much about my own form and technique that have improved my performance immensely. I can’t recommend this gym enough.

Danni O'Shea

IDFPA Powerlifter