The Cork Strength & Performance Center was founded in 2015 to provide a dedicated facility in Cork City for athletes and trainees looking to excel in a variety of sports and general fitness and conditioning.  The CSCP is the only fully dedicated Powerlifting Gym in Cork and is the home of the Cork City Powerlifting Club. We run regular sessions for beginners looking to take up the sport as well as sessions for club members training specifically for competition.

In its history the CSCP and the Cork City Powerlifting Club boasts a number of Powerlifting champions, record holders and was also part founded by the president of the Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Association.

In addition to Powerlifting we run strength and conditioning for various sports including the Cork Admirals American Football team who boast multiple near perfect seasons and regularly sit in the top spot in the IAFL (Irish American Football League) 1.

We also run individual and small group personal training sessions that feature a range of different packages that can suit all needs.