Barbell Basics


Barbell Basics

This program is one of our most popular and Trevor’s personal favourites to teach!

This is a six week course that runs 3 days a week, with the option of attending either 2 or 3 classes.

The course is designed to enable participates to become proficient in what we believe to be some of the most fundamental movements in exercise, specifically the Squat, Bench and Deadlift. We focus on correct movement patterns, breathing and proper technique.

On completion, each graduate will get the chance to test their strength and receive an individualised programme tailored to them so they can continue on their journey.

All levels catered for – suitable for complete beginners to the more advanced trainee! Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or looking to develop the tools to take your current training to the next level – this is the course for you!


Course Content

– In-depth warm up/cool down routines

– Correct breathing/bracing techniques for all barbell work

– Barbell Squat

– Barbell Bench Press

– Barbell Deadlift – Conventional / Sumo

– Barbell Front Squat / Overhead Press / Barbell Row

Course Times

– Monday and Wednesday at 7pm

– Saturdays at 12:30pm