Group/Team Fitness

It is often necessary for sports teams to seek extra help in the area of strength and conditioning to aid their performance. That is where Cork Strength & Performance Centre comes in to play.

Whatever sport it may be, a solid base in strength and endurance can really give you the edge over opponents and see you come out on top. At the Centre we focus on building stronger, more efficient bodies and depending on what sport you take part in, we concentrate on movements that make your most vital body parts stronger and more efficient. So whether it be a strong back for rowing or powerful legs for sprinting we have the means to make it so.

We offer a range of group fitness classes and sessions with new groups, and disciplines are constantly being offered. These groups range from conditioning and fat loss focused classes to sports specific strength and conditioning work.

From kettlebells to sledwork, the Cork Strength and Performance Center is the best place to achieve your fitness goals.

Cork Admirals American Football Team

Cork Admirals Strength & Conditioning

The Cork Admirals American Football Team compete in what is an extremely physically demanding sport and going into the 2015 season decided to make a dedicated strength and conditioning program a part of the teams off season program and now in season workload. The Cork Admirals play in the Irish American Football Leaugue (IAFL) and are based in Dolphin RFC, Cork. Since 2014 Trevor has worked with the team developing skills and strength and this work has more then payed off with the Admirals currently sitting unbeaten in 2015 on the top of the league table. The team have developed a solid strength base and have learned how to utilise it through their games. American Football requires a high level of endurance as well as explosive power and stamina, all of which are taught at the Cork Strength & Performance Centre.

Client Testimonial – James O’Brien

“I joined Cork Strength and Performance at the beginning of 2015. My goal was to improve my overall fitness and gain some muscle so I could apply it to my sport, American football. Cork Strength and Performance has been the key reason why I have achieved my goals and surpassed them in such a short amount of time. So much so that during the awards night for the Cork Admirals I was voted the most improved player of 2015.

The gym set out a great program for me to follow and I was given world class instruction on all of the movements such as the squat and bench-press. As a relative novice 8 months ago it was refreshing to go to a gym where the focus was to achieving the best technique possible first and then focus on weight. The instruction was one-on-one, clear, easy to understand, and the time was taken by the instructor Trevor to actually address any issues or questions I had. Since then I have been lifting weights that I would have thought impossible 8 months ago and that is all thanks to proper technique and regular instruction.

Since I’ve joined, more of my teammates have begun the same program as myself after seeing my own progress. The atmosphere there is about getting results but having some fun while doing it. Honestly I couldn’t recommend Cork Strength and Performance enough to anyone regardless of fitness level or age.”

James received the Most Improved Player award 2015.