Each of our Personal Training Packages and Group Training packages comes with regular nutritional consultations included as standard. Proper and effective nutrition plays a huge part of the training life of any athlete or trainers. Our in house nutritional expert, David Gagnon will be able to cater to your needs and help you develop healthy and effective eating plans that are going to help you to achieve your goals.

“My role here at Cork Strength & Performance Centre is to not only improve athletic performance & recovery via nutrition, but more importantly to provide education about how to fuel your body effectively, in your own way & with your own choice of foods, and how to make all of this a lasting, habitual lifestyle.

Too often I’ve seen people pay hundreds for a “custom-made diet plan” that they follow with gusto for 3-4 weeks max, then the unsustainability of such plans surface, and they revert back to their old habits, the ones that got them in their unwanted situation in the first place, and lose all their hard-won progress. (That’s if the plan works, of course!)

Diet plans are short-lived by nature; they are often designed with a start date, end date & time-oriented goal as their basis. What makes us so special in CSPC is that we aim, and succeed, in changing lifestyles, and replacing bad habits with ones that not only are far more enjoyable, but are self-sustaining, feed into eachother & breed success, & ultimately culminate in the athlete fuelling themselves with a flexible athlete’s performance diet, and having gained the knowledge & understanding to do so for themselves.

Nutrition plays an enormous part in performance; it’s one of the 3 big determining factors
(training, nutrition & recovery). Services at Cork Strength & Performance Centre include:

– Diet & Habit Assessment & Correction
– Education about Nutrition
– Cooking lessons if needed, provided by a trained & experienced chef (moi)
– Designing tailored plans & modifying as goals change & are achieved
– Teaching athletes how to make effective food choices & develop their own habits to become successful

When we change the bad habits, the ones people fall back to when all else fails, & replace them with ones that help fuel the performance goal, then we damn near guarantee success.”



“The food you eat can either be the safest & most powerful form of medicine


the slowest form of poison”

Client Testimonials


The following people have come to Cork Strength and Performance Centre for nutrition advice for different reasons. Some wanted to lose bodyfat, others wanted to improve their strength for their sport. No matter what your goal is, a good nutrition plan is key to success. Have a look at what these clients had to say:

Client 1 – Siobhan

Start Weight: 60.3kg
End Weight: 58.9kg
Goals: Fat loss, nutrition coaching and strength for powerlifting

David’s approach to nutrition is excellent; he focuses on developing healthy eating habits that are sustainable for life. It doesn’t matter what stage you are at, he will set achievable goals week by week and eventually the changes that you’ve made are not an effort, they’re part of your lifestyle.

For me I was never a big vegetable eater and it was impacting my overall health, but David slowly incorporated some into my nutrition routine. I now have no problem including vegetables in my meals and I’m feeling much better for it. I’m delighted to have dropped some bodyfat and increased strength for powerlifting.”